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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefit Schemes help to retain and prevent attrition in this age of fickle loyalty. Our Experts will examine your present benefits and depending upon your company’s philosophy will design a suitable solution in the areas of Personal Accident, Health Insurance, Group Pension, Employee Deposit Linked Insurance, Group Term and Other areas.

Employee Benefits - Special Services

Visit by Doctors/ Health professionals for talks & Preventive checkups


Economic cycles change affect the profitability and even survival of a business. Trade Credit insurance provides a safe way to increase sales without added credit risk, protects cash flow and profits from bad debts losses, reduces bad debt reserves and strengthens the balance sheet. Our credit solution is used to enhance credit ratings to secure better financing terms, sales expansion and increase working capital availability. Besides the account receivable risk, we also arrange supplier's default cover and political risks like expropriation, non payment, political violence, repossession risk etc.


Different properties present their own characteristic problems for insurance. Different industries need different specialized solutions, better handled by specialists. Our knowledge and experience helps the client arrive at a suitable and economic decision. We handle all types of property - residential, commercial, manufacturing etc.


Construction and erection activities pose challenges which are specific to the project. A single mistake can cost a fortune which the upcoming project can ill- afford in absence of appropriate insurance. Our expertise helps you overcome these challenges through insurance. We guide you in choosing the appropriate insurance cover and the insurance company in a cost effective way.

Executive Risks

We help you reduce your institutional and/or personal risk in the following areas;
D & O
Public offering of security
Employment Practices liability
Clinical Trials
Financial Institutions cover
Professional liability
Stock broker’s liability
Venture Capital cover
Contingency Insurance
Cyber Risks
IPR infringement
Medical Malpractice
Environmental Liability


Marine is the most dynamic area of insurance. We provide expert guidance in choosing a cover to protect the client's interest both as a buyer as well as a seller. Our solutions help you to simplify the administration of insurance and reinsurance programme and steps to be taken to preserve your rights and interests. Our experts take care of your transit insurance, be it export, import or domestic.